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To start, I am not one to pay monthly fees, I’d never get a RING device due to monthly fees. I have the three cameras below now. (garage) (courtyard) (driveway)

For Christmas I am asking for one or more of each of these two cameras.

The best part about Reolink is these cameras you don’t need a NVR(network video recorder) as they store videos to a memory card that you purchase separately. The wifi cameras are easy because you can just power it on and set it up outside where you want. You can even get motion alerts sent to your phone.

The key with these wifi cameras, you need to have an outlet somewhat nearby to power them and hopefully wifi at the residence is strong enough to reach the camera depending on where the camera is located.

Their app works flawless for me, we have a crazy wifi setup here, if you don’t have good wifi coverage you may need to invest to upgrade your wifi network.

The only reason I went wifi cameras and not an NVR is because we share a wall and I didn’t want to run wires in a home that’s not our forever home. My mom and co-worker each have an 8 channel NVR with 4 camera package. In the future they can always add more cameras. The below link is a package I recommend to people who don’t share a wall. You don’t need good wifi and just connect the NVR into your router.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.


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