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I needed more storage space for my Prius trip around the country, so a Prius trailer hitch and cargo carrier was the idea that came to mind!

05/03/2021 UPDATE: Exciting news! PriusOverlanding.com has introduced a discreet 2″ Prius Trailer Hitch compatible with Gen2, Gen3, and Gen4 Prius models, all while meeting the rigorous safety standards outlined in SAE J684. What’s more impressive? This hitch has undergone testing, demonstrating its ability to handle tongue weights of up to 500lbs and beyond!

Plus, the receiver is cleverly angled a few degrees upward, eliminating the need for a hitch riser and ensuring seamless integration with your Prius.!

The CURT Trailer Hitch and CURT Cargo Carrier solved where I would put a storage bin. The Receiver Lock and Cable Lock helped secure the storage bin to the CURT Cargo Carrier on the Toyota Prius.

In the future should I ever need to use a 2″ trailer attachment, I would simply use a hitch riser. [2024.02.22 – I can’t believe I thought this was okay! It’s not… I should’ve gone 2″ in the beginning!]

Prius Trailer Hitch: 2024.02.22 Content Update!

When it comes to mixing eco-friendliness with practicality, the Toyota Prius is in a league of its own. And for those of us who want to squeeze even more functionality out of our beloved Prius, there’s one nifty addition that’s stealing the show – the Toyota Prius Trailer Hitch with a 2-Inch Receiver. Let’s dive into what makes this hitch a must-have, turning your Prius into a road-trip-ready powerhouse.

Getting to Know the 2-Inch Receiver Trailer Hitch:

Think of the 2-Inch Receiver Trailer Hitch as your Prius’s new best friend. It’s purpose-built to give your hybrid vehicle a serious upgrade in the utility department. Forget what you’ve heard – this hitch isn’t just for show. It’s your ticket to towing trailers, hauling bikes, or carrying any other gear you need for your adventures, all while keeping that efficiency we Prius lovers hold dear.

Unlocking More Storage Space:

One of the best perks of adding a Toyota Prius Trailer Hitch with a 2-Inch Receiver? Say hello to extra storage space. Whether you’re packing up for a weekend getaway or just need to move some big stuff around town, this cargo carrier has your back. Camping gear, sports equipment, groceries – you name it, this hitch can handle it.

Prius Trailer Hitch
Prius Trailer Hitch

Seamless Style and Substance:

Worried about sacrificing style for functionality? Fear not. The Toyota Prius Storage Trailer Hitch Cargo Carrier blends seamlessly with your Prius’s sleek design. No clunky eyesores here – just a sleek addition that’s as good-looking as it is practical. And with its durable build, you can trust it to hold up trip after trip, mile after mile.

Performance That Packs a Punch:

Towing with your Prius? You betcha. With the Toyota Prius Trailer Hitch, towing becomes a cinch. Whether it’s a small trailer, a couple of bikes, or a cargo carrier full of gear, this hitch gives you the stability and control you need to tackle the open road with confidence. Plus, with its 2-Inch Receiver, you’ve got plenty of options for customizing your setup to fit your needs perfectly.

Opening Up New Adventures:

Ready to take your Prius off the beaten path? With the Toyota Prius Trailer Hitch, the sky’s the limit. Load up a cargo carrier with all your outdoor gear – kayaks, camping supplies, fishing tackle – and hit the road in search of adventure. And if you need a little inspiration or guidance, look no further than PriusOverlanding.com.

PriusOverlanding.com: Your Go-To for Adventure Gear:

PriusOverlanding.com isn’t just another ecommerce site – it’s your one-stop shop for all things adventure. Whether you’re gearing up for a weekend camping trip or planning an epic cross-country journey, they’ve got everything you need to make the most of your Prius. From roof racks to camping accessories, their selection is hand-picked with Prius owners in mind.

Prius Trailer Hitch
Prius Trailer Hitch

In Conclusion:

The Toyota Prius Storage Trailer Hitch Cargo Carrier is more than just an accessory – it’s a game-changer for Prius owners who crave versatility and functionality. With its seamless style, top-notch performance, and added storage space, it’s the perfect companion for all your road-tripping adventures. So go ahead, load up the gear, hit the road, and let the adventures begin!


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