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After months of using the weBoost Drive Reach all over the country, I realized the stock antenna is decent but could be better. After installing the RV antenna, my cell phone coverage has greatly improved.

You’ll notice the small antenna next to the larger RV antenna, which was the included antenna with the weBoost Drive Reach. Do you notice the difference in size?

Below you will find the link to the antenna and connecter needed to plug this antenna into the weBoost Drive Reach.

To mount the antenna, I used the below mounting lip mount. The mount is all you need, the cable that comes with it is not necessary for the installation. I did pick up some metal braces from Home Depot that I drilled holes into so the antenna could connect to the lip mount as seen in the pictures below.

The first test shows an iPhone 11 with AT&T signal without the booster. The lower the number the better.

The second shows booster turned on with included Antenna.

The third and final picture shows the signal with the new antenna.


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