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For as long as I’ve owned this Toyota Prius, I’ve wished the rear hatch would open automatically… Well today, one modification has gotten me most of the way to my wish.

Today I installed new Rear Hatch Lift Supports that are not OEM and a lot stronger than the ones that come in the car!

One thing about sleeping in a Prius, you can’t open the rear hatch from the inside. From the remote control of the Prius, you can only unlock the hatch then proceed to press the button above the license plate to actually open the rear hatch.

After installing the push button switch on the inside of the car and wiring it to the OEM switch, I had dreams of my hatch opening by itself. Imagine, waking up, overlooking a valley or lake and to the push of the button your view awaits you.

Now if I can only make it so they open from the push on the button with no assistance from me, I’ll be happier. For now, this is PERFECT! Scroll down for a link to the supports and check out my YouTube Video! Subscribe to my channel as well. I will be posting videos of my adventures camping in the Prius soon!


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