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Since June 2020 I have crossed 48 state lines in my Prius. Sleeping out of the back with the seats folded down.

Whether I stay at campgrounds or dispersed camping one thing is the same.  the ground clearance of a stock Prius is really low.

To solve my low-ground clearance issue, Prius Offroad came to the rescue. 

JULY 2022 Update: I have the tallest lifted Gen 3 Prius in the USA and it uses PriusOverlanding.com suspension products.

Toyota Prius Lift Kit

The 2010-2015 Prius Plug-In Lift Kit increases ground clearance and provides 1.5” of lift.

This setup allows for up to a 27″ tire and maintains factory ride quality. I am still undecided on the wheel and tire option that will replace the stock 15” wheels, however, I know I want a nice meaty tire.

The owner of Prius Offroad made quick work of the installation; I wish I noted the time he started and then finished. He was, even so, kind enough to cut off the excess u-bolt steel on my hitch tightener. 

After the installation was complete my Toyota Prius had a completely different look at it! Most Prius owners are aware of how the front bumper tends to scrape on driveways, but not anymore! With my hitch and cargo carrier installed, if I didn’t enter or exit a driveway at an angle I would drag, not anymore.

You can watch the installation video on the link here.


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