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These days I drive around with the custom-fitted blackout shades on all rear windows, the problem is I am unable to see out of my OEM rearview mirror.

UPDATE 07/29/2021: My mirror is still working flawlessly but now I can no longer find it on Amazon. If I need a new one this Mirror Dash Cam is what I would purchase.

To solve my problem of not being able to see out of my rearview mirror, I installed a VanTop H612T 12″ 4K Mirror Dash Cam.

The best part is the rear camera which I mounted below my brake light, InstaMorph was used to create a custom bracket for the rear camera. I still need to clean up the mount a little and paint it, but for now, it works!

To ensure the Dash Camera turned on and off with the car, the VanTop V9H Dash Cam Hardwire Kit was also used in the installation.

A few things to point out, this mirror included both the front and rear video camera. By using the hardware kit, the camera will record if it detects abnormal vibration around the vehicle. The recorder will turn on automatically and record a 20-second video for a more comprehensive view of the incident. The recorder will only record when the car is off on abnormal vibration around the video. As soon as you turn the car on, the device starts recording. When I camp, the car never turns off so constant video recording or activating record with my voice helps me not need to go through hours of footage just to find a particular video clip of a drive.

The clarity at night of the rear view camera is perfect for my use, video production of an image will never be as good as a normal glass mirror. This device does have a button on the bottom that allows the screen to turn off and a normal glass mirror can be used in the device.

Below is a video directly uploaded to YouTube from the SD card in the dash camera, the quality is really crisp in 4k!


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