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When I drive long distances for my trips, I’ve been trying to get an accurate reading on my fuel tank level without relying on the OEM indicator.

My main concern is after I’ve camped a few days without moving the car, it’s time to make a long drive when there is no gas station close by and I don’t accurately know how much fuel I have remaining.

I have used Hybrid Assistant for the last few months, even before I had the lift kit, recording all of my trips. One thing I noticed is Hybrid Assistant is not accurate with the Fuel and Tank information that is displayed or recorded. For Example, the above picture shows the Tank Level using Hybrid Assistant, the level is 7.93. When I close the Hybrid Assistant then open OBDLink app that came with my purchase of the OBDLink MX+ the reading is completely different.

OBDLink app on a Toyota Prius

OBDLink shows 8.06 gallons, odd right? One would think using the same OBD2 adapter the readouts would be the same on any app.

On my initial test, the ODBLink app showed I had 3.8 gallons of gas in my car. After filling up, the Costco gas machine says I put in 5.770 gallons of gas, when I returned to the car the ODBLink app shows I have 10.3 gallons of gas in the Prius.

OBDLink app on a Toyota Prius

I’m no math major but that doesn’t add up, 3.8 + 5.770 = 9.57 but the app says 10.3? Online it says a Prius Plug-in has a 10.6-gallon tank, for purposes of this test I am keeping that number in my head.

My other issue with Hybrid Assistant is the lowest fuel level its ever shown is .53 gal. After driving close to 100 miles with my gas tank light on and not once did I see a number lower than .53 I started to think something is weird with Hybrid Assistant. Also, from what I understand, the Fuel number is how much fuel your car has used… how did I use 33.48 gallons of gas?

Hybrid Assistant for a Toyota Prius

I will be recording these stats and observing the Tank level throughout this new tank of gas and report back when I have more details.


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