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One thing that’s needed improvement in my setup is rear lighting above the trailer hitch storage box. The top of the storage box is frequently used, whether it’s cooking or just a place to set things.

I grew tired of my headlamp or trying to velcro a push-button light to the inside of the hatch. So, I installed LED Light Bars on my Toyota Prius.

Since the interior hatch panels are black, I wanted light bars that were black and they needed to be bright.

24v under cabinet LED light bars ended up being the best option. The hatch bars initially were to be a flush mount, the limited space behind the panels made it so they aren’t flush like originally planned.

They look good, I ordered a new switch that is dimmable and a 12v to 24v converter for the power. They have smart switches for LED lights, yes… one will be installed!

One thing I need to find is a 3-way switch, I believe… The need to switch on all lights, only lower light or only upper lights is running through my mind. My Toyota Prius looks cool, right?


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