How I leveled my lifted Prius

by black_jmyntrn

After my Toyota Prius lift kit was installed, all of the extra weight with a cargo carrier and roof rack, the rear end of my Toyota Prius sagged.

I have been trying to find the Firestone Air Lifter Bags but they are on backorder, enter the spring spacers as a temporary solution.

Spring Spacers installed on Toyota Prius

One thing to point out, we installed these on a non Plug-in Prius and installation was easier. On my Plug-in Prius, the springs are alot stiffer since the Plug-in has a heavy battery in the back.

This means, installation was definetly easier on a non Plug-In Prius.

  • Toyota Prius with Spring Spacers
  • Toyota Prius with Spring Spacers

Now… my rear cargo carrier does not scrap when going over steep incline driveways!

One thing to point out, you need one spacer kit per wheel!

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