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In preparation for my Alaska trip, I needed a little more walk-around room when Overlanding in my Toyota Prius.

06-14-2021 Update:
I have used the Napier tent on my Toyota Prius a handful of times now. There are not many negative things about it.  I have used it in the snow, I have used it in the desert, I now need to use it in the rain.  The only thing I could think of might be just the sheer size of it once it is stored away. I can keep mine on my roof rack, which is convenient; however, for those with the prius who don’t have a roof rack, you need to think about the amount of space this will take up. Other than that, installation and setup are easy and the amount of space on the inside, considering I’m 6’2” and wide, is pretty remarkable.

The Napier comes with an A-tent guard, and I guess you can call it. It’s almost like a rain jacket for your tent that kamagra einnahme you put over the top that allows it to be more weatherproof. I guess you can say. I’ve slept with it in the snow, and I was comfortable. I was not freezing, and no melted snow came through into the tent.

The other benefit is once you have the Napier set up, for you to leave In your vehicle and leave, the tent free standing is pretty cool. If I need to run to get some firewood, my camp spot is still secured by my tent being there, and I can come back then back the Toyota Prius right up to the tent for resr hatch attaching.

I need to look through my phone to locate pictures of the inside of the Napier, especially with my rear cargo bin on the back; stay tuned.

Entering my Overlanding life now is a Napier Sports Dome-To-Go Tent and I couldn’t be happier.

In the snow I have no complaints, after putting on the rain topper, no moisture got in the tent.

The best part is, I can camp anywhere and be protected from the elements!

Check out the video below of me taking the Napier down after a weekend of usage.


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