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I recently received the new GL.iNET Beryl and it is really fast, especially when compared to the GL.iNET-AR750S!

After using the AR750S a.k.a SLATE router for a few months, I was thoroughly impressed with the size and performance. One thing that lacked was the WiFispeeds, having 300Mbps (2.4G) and 433Mbps (5G) WiFispeed from the router, there were times I felt my actual internet speed should be faster. If my modem is clocking 134Mb/s down and 93Mb/s, there is no reason my cell phone connected to the 5G network is only receiving 83Mb/s down and 59Mb/s up when a speed test is performed on the WiFi 433M network.

GL.iNet GL-MT1300 (Beryl)

When I first saw the Beryl has 400Mbps (2.4G) and 867Mbps (5G) WiFispeed I knew I needed one in my life.

  • GL.iNET GL-MT1300 Speed Test Results
  • GL.iNET GL-MT1300 Speed Test Results

With the new GL.iNET GL-MT1300 my WiFi speeds have greatly improved and it was definitely money well spent!

135Mb/s down and 80Mb/s up when a speed test is performed on the WiFi 866M network.


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