Sunday, April 21, 2024
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After installing my Alpicool refrigerator I quickly realized in its resting spot behind the passenger seat, I never had enough or any light to see inside of the fridge when opened.

Once the rear seats were removed and the platform installed, I could never see anything under the platform. Since I had already added custom LED lights to the rear interior panels I figured I better not let the LED cord I have leftover go to waste.

Each section of LED strips runs off a WiFi smart switch, all of which are connected to my in-car router.

The end goal is to run Home Assistant from a Raspberry PI to control the switch and other smart devices in/on/around the car.

One thing to point out, they make 10mm and 12mm 5 pin RGBWW LED strips, pay attention to this and the type of LED strip you are using. I say this because the connectors are different and so far I can’t run two different LED strips together on the same line with the specific switches that I have.


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