Rear seat replaced with a platform

by black_jmyntrn

By far one of the best #Overland modification has been removing the rear seat and replacing with a metal platform. Best part is I can remove the platform, place seat back in and the four seat bolts in less than 15 minutes with a power tool.

This is a prototype of a rear seat replacement that will be avaliable for the Gen3 Prius in the coming weeks. If you are interested in one, click the parts request link in the site menu to receive more details.

I placed some auto carpet on the floor after installing sound deadening material and a layer of insulation, it feels really comfortable now without the exposed metal.

I gained a tremendous amount of cargo space and even lost a few pounds loosing the seats.

Next up, custom storage containers that have bottoms which are molded to the curvature of the floor. Stay tuned…

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