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On initial installation of my weBoost, I simply set the amplifier on top of the plastic cover of the tire jack holder and secured it with velcro. Since installation, my OCD has had me constantly wanting to set the booster unit in a nice secured location.

When I started this Prius Lifestyle, originally it was to just get a picture in front of all 50 “Welcome to this state” sign. I started my journey in less than 4 weeks from initial concept and basically threw what I thought I needed in my car then hit the road.

I tried looking for old pictures of how/where the weBoost Drive Reach was originally placed and couldn’t find any, my thinking is I wanted to avoid memories of something I was unhappy with.

starting the mounting process…

On a Sunday night, it was decided to just install the unit in a way that made me feel comfortable with the placement. There was an inverter in my armrest console and over the last few weeks, the console began to radiate heat. My belief is the inverter was lacking air and just heating up down there, the small USB fan I added initially was very loud and dusty. After disconnecting the noisy USB fan now that I think back, is when the inverter heating up issue started to occur.

sizing things up…

After figuring out the placement and marking off the areas on the plastic that needed to be cut, I started on this task. I had some extra carpet material leftover from when I added carpet to the floor area where my rear seat was, looking at it now I am happy with the results!


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