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Before adding all terrain tires to my lifted Toyota Prius, my tire pressure warning light was on.

I knew I need to replace something, I just didn’t know what initially.

After the All-terrain tires were added to my Lifted Toyota Prius, I knew this needed to be resolved. After trying to use a Techstream I realized one of the sensors was bad and I spent enough time trying to figure out which one then proceeded to the nearest America’s Tire.

America’s Tire said all sensors were fine and adjusted the pressure which did not make the warning light turn off.

I stopped into Thompsons Toyota and they let me know my rear drive side TPMS sensor was a deal but all the rest worked. That’s why the light would blink and then stay solid and Techstream wouldn’t sync the sensors.

This Denzo TPMS Sensor arrived a few days later, using the ID number, Techstream was updated with the new sensor ID.

Again I went to America’s tire and after installation of the TPMS sensor, they tried to scan and program the new sensor to the system. After multiple attempts, there was no cost for the installation and I drove away with the light still on.

A few days later and the light is off, I need to do more work with Techstream and my OBD2 reader. The IDs of the sensors need to be programed the car and all worked as expected.


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