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I needed reliable internet in my car for work while I traveled and didn’t want to pay a lot in monthly fees.

One thing to mention, you can click here to sign up for Visible, and YOU DON’T PAY UNTIL you Click activate on the app!! By using my link, you also receive your first month for $5! Click here to pay $5 your first month on Visible.

Read the above again, UNLIMITED DATA for $25 a month, no other provider has a plan this good.

Currently, I have T-Mobile (S20 Note Ultra 5G & S6 Tab), AT&T (iPhone 11), and Google Fi (S8+) when I travel but needed a standalone internet device for times when the other devices have no service. I was initially missing a Verizon and a Sprint device but now that T-Mobile and Sprint have merged I have that covered.

If you join my party we both save money on our monthly service. My goal is to have two lines in two separate devices paying only $5 a month each! One chip will be in my new USB LTE Modem that’s plugged into my router, this way using load balancing ill have a solid connection.

black.jmyntrn Visible Cell Provider Party! Join now!
black.jmyntrn Visible Cell Provider Party! Join now!

After purchasing a Verizon 5G M1000 device, I loaded it up with a Visible sim chip, and all I can say is wow at the speeds! You could purchase a USB modem and put the chip in to have service through your computer or put the sim in an old cell phone, then hotspot to your cell phone while on the go.

Visible Internet Speed SpeedTest in a Toyota Prius

The best part is Visible is on the Verizon network so you will be on America Most Reliable Network.


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