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Did you know the rear Springs on a Toyota Prius plug-in are different than a non-plug-in Prius?

The plug-in Toyota Prius and the non-plug-in Toyota Prius have 2 completely different part numbers for their rear Springs. Toyota does not have any rear Springs for a plug-in Toyota Prius in stock at any dealership in the country.

I know I’ve tried to find them… I’ve tried to find them..

Toyota Prius Heavy Duty Springs in the rear of the vehicle.

The car rides smoother than before and feels a lot more sturdy, especially with the rear cargo box and added weight.

Toyota Prius LiftKit OffRoad All Terrain Tires Heavy Duty Springs
Overland Toyota Prius with Lift Kit and Heavy Duty Springs.

If you want a set for yourself, check out

Toyota Prius Heavy Duty Springs Lift Kit OffRoad

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