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Every time I turn my car on before I put the car in drive I open my hybrid assistant app on my android tablet. The OBD2 scanner I choose has come in handy more than once!

I’ve seen many comments online about other Toyota Prius owners purchasing low-cost OBD2 scanners, what they don’t realize is they are missing out on the enhanced features that the  OBDLink MX+ offers. There is no additional app for membership to pay.

This morning to on my way to do a hike of one of the 6 peaks of Southern California. I noticed that the hybrid assistant app showed that the temperatures on my car were higher than normal. I also noticed a lack of power. I pulled off of the side of the road and ran diagnostics with my OBD2 scanner and noticed that I have the code P148F. After some Internet sleuthing I realized it was time to change my engine coolant water pump on my Toyota Prius. I immediately ordered a new Toyota Prius water pump on Amazon because they said it could be delivered later this day.

Toyota Prius Engine Water Pump Coolant Replacement

Fast forward, I am trying to hurry and change the water pump because I’m changing the water pump at my storage unit. Not only do I get locked into my storage and had to be let out. But I did not have enough coolant in my storage unit to finish the job. Walmart was a short driveway I made it but they did not have any red coolant. After calling one Autozone and driving to another on my way to the actual Autozone that was staying open for me The temperatures of my car exceeded 200゚ and I heard a winding grinding noise from my new water pump.

I made it to AutoZone before they closed and put the car maintenance mode, adding additional coolant. All temperatures are reading perfect however my check engine light is on, and now I have the P261D engine area code. That’s a permanent 1. I need to figure out what to do now.


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