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If you read online, many Prius owners are slightly disappointed with the Car Steering Wheel Tray they purchased, and I resolved their issue with the product.

The problem, if you are not aware, as brilliant as the idea of the Car Steering Wheel Tray for Toyota Prius is, the flaw is it cant hold weight.

Once you place the Car Steering Wheel Tray for Toyota Prius on the steering wheel and place a laptop on top, the tray sinks, the only thing it would be good for is holding a sandwich wrapper and a side item. Nope, don’t even think about setting your drink on it.

Car Steering Wheel Tray for Toyota Prius

In the above image, if you look at the area between the backend of the steering wheel and inside the rear front of the tray, you will notice the added support.

Car Steering Wheel Tray for Toyota Prius

With a little added support, my tray holds my Razer 15 Advanced 2021 like a mother holds her baby.

I bet you want to see my house support, don’t you… just ask, and ill show you

LATER IN THE DAY UPDATE: Thanks to the positive feedback, I have added a few more pictures and a circle around the addition; I don’t think my word description above worked out too well.


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