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This is not any ordinary third brake light, nope… it has two new features that made me purchase!

To alert drivers behind me, I am braking, and this new third brake light blinks rapidly then stays solid while I hit my brakes. The flashing light should alert a driver to pay attention that I am braking. Visit PriusOverlanding.com to order yours today!

Admit it, this is pretty cool!

Toyota Prius Flashing Blinking Third Brake Light

So now, you are with me so far; everything you see is a direct plug-in-play up to this point.

You might notice when I am not on the brake, the light is still on. How you ask, I simply connected the Yellow wire on the Third Brake Light to the Brown wire on my Tail Lamp Socket. The Brown wire is when your headlight switch I set to an On state and your tail light driving lights are on.


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