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The first pair of Heavy Duty Springs for my Toyota Prius works wonderfully! My only issue is they are a little higher than I’d like.

The first set of Heavy Duty Springs for the Toyota Prius works well, with no complaints about ride quality or clearance. My only concern is the total height of the springs. Before these springs, the 1.5″ lift kit in the rear needed spring spacers to clear the 17″ All-Terrain Tires on my Toyota Prius. With lift kit and spring spacers, my tires would only rub on extreme road changes, and they would rub the rear fender.

Toyota Prius Suspension Springs Lifted Heavy Duty

Now look at the above new springs I will be testing. The spring’s specifications are measured to be slightly higher than the height of my rear fender to the ground with the 1.5″ lift kit and spring spacers. They also have a high 500+ pound weight rating. Made here in the USA, next wi be front springs and hopefully struts/shocks all around! Stay tuned.

If you would like a pair for yourself, use the contact me feature at the top of the page and let me know!

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