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My car almost has 180000 miles on it and it was time to get some new shocks on it after everything I put this car through!

I was able to purchase them for a great price, walked in and they were mine at Oreily’s. I showed them the price on Walmart and they were in stock at Walmart so they matched the Walmart price.

PRO TIP: The Prius has Struts in the Front and Shocks in the Rear!

People have asked which lift would work on the KYB, the truth is they all will.

Toyota Prius Super Duty Springs Struts Shocks

You have to ask yourself, what will you do with your lift? How much add-on weight will you carry on your car? What size wheels and tires will you have on your car?

When I had the 1.5″ lift, with my OEM springs and struts, after 150k were showing their age. Fully loaded on the Toyota Prius All Terrain Tires, certain highway imperfections my tires would rub the fender. That was with the addition of spring spacers on my Toyota Prius as well.

The first set of springs in black was solid, just made for a full-size pickup, and did not have the ride I was accustomed to in the Plug-In. If you’ve never driven a Plug-in or followed one down a nice curving mountain road, then you wouldn’t know it’s like driving a 4cln Camry without the Plugin rear suspension and battery. Where the Plug-in is like driving a 6cln Camry. My opinion of course.

The next set here in that pretty sea foam green, rubbed a lot with the OEM shocks, after driving from Inland Empire to Pasadena headed to Northern California i had the shocks installed. HUGE difference instability in the rear although I thought I needed the next size up in heavy-duty springs. I was wrong and so was a good friend of mine with the white Prius who ordered his. He should’ve gone up a level in spring weight because now he is using airbags when in my mind, no bags should be required. After one more round of spring testing, I now have the highest weight rating spring on a Toyota Prius on the road today. The manufacturer strongly advises against anyone having springs similar t mine unless they never take off their rear box or not keep load on the car


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