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After driving on the 1.5″ lift kit, I quickly realized I needed more ground clearance! My Prius shocks also needed to be replaced.

When I first installed the 1.5″ lift kit, I only installed the lift and not struts/shocks or new springs. My car is roughly 150k miles young. Once I installed the All-Terrain tires on my Toyota Prius I quickly realized 1.5″ was not tell enough. What sealed the deal was when I tried to visit some Hotsprings, 20+ miles from the main highway, there were maybe 3 miles left to the springs. At that point, the height of the off-road path was too much for my Prius and a 1.5″ lift.

I ended up installing spring spacers on the rear to assist in leveling out the rear Prius sag I was experiencing.

With the spring spacers installed, the car height was slightly higher but I knew something more had to be done.

Toyota Prius Lift Kit Springs Spacer Offroad Overlanding
Getting ready to install the Heavy Duty Toyota Prius Lift springs.

With the Heavy Duty spring installed my car sat at 26″ with my car fully loaded up after I had KYB Excel-G 349035 Rear Shock Absorbers for the sildenafil cialis Toyota Prius installed which made a significant difference in overall ride quality when mixed with the new springs!

My Toyota Prius still needed a little more in the rear, the first pair of heavy-duty Toyota Prius springs I tested my initial thoughts were it was too high but boy was I wrong.

Below you will see my car loaded up with the Super Duty Springs installed along with the KYB Excel-G 349035 Rear Shock Absorbers for the Toyota Prius.

  • Toyota Prius Super Duty Springs Struts Shocks
  • Toyota Prius Super Duty Springs Struts Shocks

I’d like to think without the additional weight in the rear and roof, the Super Duty Springs would be perfect for most people.

The last set of springs is on! These are custom springs adjusted to the amount of weight my Toyota Prius loaded up.


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