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When capturing 4k on go pro, drone, and dashcam data storage and redundancy have been on my mind.

Since I travel a lot I tend to capture a lot of content, being able to offload the content from the device memory cards fast was one of my requirements. I also needed access to the content for editing while traveling, then you think about batteries and chargers and it becomes a headache. The Synology NAS software and hardware is perfect other than the size of a unit, especially if I wanted RAID and a lot of storage space.

Currently, I have a 4TB WD Passport Pro, problem is it’s not RAID and I don’t have a backup of the drive itself yet. A Synology NAS would be an ideal solution if I wasn’t traveling in a Toyota Prius.

I had a few old laptop hard drives so I plugged them into a dual hard drive enclosure with RAID support, since One drive is 1TB and the other is 750MB I didn’t want to RAID them. The plan was to buy say two 4TB or 8TB drives for this unit and run them on RAID. The Vantec Nexstar GX USB 3.0 Dual 2.5″ SATA SSD/HDD RAID Enclosure would prepare me for my next thought.

I stumbled on the StarTech.com Dual M.2 SATA Adapter with RAID that is- 2x M.2 SSDs to 2.5in SATA (6Gbps) RAID Adapter Converter. It’s SATA and not NVMe, I can deal with that actually. Seeing as how the Gnarebox has wireless but on USB-C the speeds max at 390MB/s, SATA would be perfectly fine and faster!

The first adapter will have two 2TB WD SSD drives.

The problem now is, most if not all 4TB and 8TB M.2 drives are NVMe and not SATA…


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