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I didn’t want to remove the stock JBL amplifier and rewire a new amplifier so I improvised.

The first step in this journey was to replace the OEM front door Toyota Prius JBL speakers and the OEM back door speakers.

There was a small portion of me that thought only replacing the door speaker is with components that were higher wattage would sound a lot better and the highest amidst it but the bass was not there.

Add sub 2013 Prius JBL GreenEDGE

I was spending some time researching the best option to add a subwoofer to the car without again modifying too much the OEM harness. after removing the amp and measuring the clearance, I found a low profile small Built-in amplifier subwoofer for the Toyota Prius, that fits right underneath the passenger seat. Now I had the base that I was looking for the system actually sounded how I thought good or decent.

Toyota Prius Roof Rack Lift Kit Skid Plate Underbody Hitch Winch Overland Off-Road Offroad
Android Headunit installed in my 2013 Prius with JBL NAV

The head unit, not an American brand like Pioneer has some quirks. I haven’t received the OEM backup camera adapter yet and when I am on a phone call, I can’t open or do anything else on the head unit. The OEM GPS antenna connector I am also waiting on and I purchased a microphone to use with the unit as the built-in is useless.

Head Unit Specs

With new door speakers, this head unit really makes the JBL system come alive!

A HDMI to RCA converter was also installed and connected to one of the en video/audio channels, this way if I ever need an HDMI monitor, I have one in my dashboard.

This radio with all needed connectors can be found on PriusOveranding.com

It’s a China radio with quirks but I love it! Also, it has 360-degree birdseye camera viewing in augmented reality.


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