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Is using a plug in prius to stealth camp or overland isn’t a good idea just because you can charge it.

With the Toyota Prius Plugin, or PRIME as they call it, you charge. Most charging locations allow you to stay parked for 4 hours, sometimes more.

While driving the 48 States of America, I used an app called plug share to locate free charging locations. These were very handy when driving and tired, and I needed a place to close my eyes for a few hours and not worry about any law enforcement or others knocking on my window for parking somewhere.

So if you’re in the market for a Toyota Prius to overland or just normal camping, then I suggest either a pre SV with the panoramic roof because I wish I could look out of the roof of my prius and see the stars Before I Go to Sleep. Or get yourself a plugin that way, you can have more options on where you can park and sleep, and it also helps if you go to outlet malls. The charging locations are near the front typically so you can park at the front entrance of the many places.

No Van, RV, or other built Overlanding vehicle can do this, let alone park somewhere, and passersby would never second think or first think someone is sleeping in a Prius.


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