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I’ve been a Visible user for a while and for me their speeds were always decent unless I am parked next to a cell tower.

When I found out Mint mobile was $90 for 6 months of service and unlimited data, I had to test it out and I am glad I did.

Few quirks with other providers first, Cricket only allows you to use their chips in devices with VoLTE. Basically, only phones no mobile hotspots or MiFi. Interestingly enough their chip works in my Android Headunit. So for the month of service, I purchased, my Android head unit in my Toyota Prius will have its own cellular connection. To hotspot on Cricket through my head unit, there were extra fees and I declined.

Visible recently made it so my M1000 would not connect to their network so that sim, is in my USB modem.

Well, after a few days, I hit the 35gb “Unlimited Data” hot spot, now service is next to unusable at this time. I will have to re-configure my load balancer and other settings to not use as much data on this sim, it will be used as a failover now.


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