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Many revisions later my new WiFi Network Hotspot homebrew system has been updated.

UPDATE 2021-01-08

The powered USB hub will not charge my S6 Tab nor S20 Note Ultra, it will charge and keep the M2000 at 100%. That works because I would only use the tab or note USB tether if all three mifi/usb mobile internet connections does not work. I still havent been able to utilize all of this bandwidth through the network when tetherd…
S20 Note Ultra Tmobile speed test results
S20 Note Ultra Tmobile speed test results on mobile 5G

I need reliable coverage while on the road and having one cellular provider wasn’t going to cut it. With my current setup, I could lose service from two providers but if I still had one, my wireless connection to the internet wouldn’t skip a beat.

Yes, I have Wi-Fi 6 in my Toyota Prius!

Wi-Fi 6 is fast, very fast Wi-Fi with great coverage when I Overland!

My solution has multiple cellular modems all connected through a router that balances the load between all of the modems.

I recently purchased a 3 USB Charger Socket Power Outlet Fast Charger and installed but once or twice with a raspberry pi 4 and FLINT the ports shut off. Not sure why but I do have multiple Quick Charge 3.0 Dual USB Power Outlets with Touch Switch. It’s cool because if I want to cut power to only the devices on the ports I can without unplugging them. Finally, the Right Angle USB C Cable makes it easy to tuck your devices away without a long plug sticking out!

You need to get MINT mobile, for $90 I have 6-months of unlimited internet. Well, technically after 5gb of hotspot/tethering, they limit your speed on the devices using the hotspot, then 35gb is the max data you can use in a month, but that doesn’t apply to me.

Visible, you can join my party and only pay $25 a month for truly unlimited data. If you use this link to signup, your first month is only $5.

Parts List!

Router: gl inet FLINT

Modem: Inseego M1000 5G – Carrier: TMOBILE
Modem: Inseego M2000 5G – Carrier: MINT Mobile
Modem: ZTE USB 4G Modem – Carrier: VISIBLE
Modem: Android HeadUnit – Carrier: CRICKET WIRELESS
Miscellaneous: Powered USB Hub and Power Enhancer Y 1 Female to 2 Male Data Charge Cable(used to power the FLINT via USB)

The load balancing is possible using mwan3 which handles the load balancing once properly configured. I am using the stock firmware with luci installed.

Overview illustration of the network.

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