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Any Prius lifted more than an inch, its passenger side axle rubs the cross member.

hmm.. you know this means no more axle scraping for those who are lifted more than 1″.

Installing a “Subframe Spacer” is essential for any Toyota Prius that has been lifted more than an inch, as it helps prevent the common issue of the passenger side axle rubbing against the cross member. When a Prius is lifted, the increased distance between the body and the frame can cause alignment issues with the axle and drivetrain components. Subframe spacers are designed to lower the subframe slightly, realigning these components to avoid contact and potential wear or damage. This modification not only enhances the vehicle’s off-road capability by maintaining proper axle geometry but also ensures the longevity of the vehicle’s undercarriage components. For Prius owners considering a lift kit, integrating subframe spacers into the upgrade is a critical step for both performance and vehicle health.

Subframe Spacers for Lifted Toyota Prius
Subframe Spacers for Lifted Toyota Prius

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