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You’ve seen it here first folks, front lifting springs for the Toyota Prius!

The arrival of the new Front Lift Kit Springs for the Toyota Prius marks a significant enhancement for Prius owners looking to upgrade their suspension system. These springs, designed to be paired with KYB shocks, promise to transform the driving experience by offering improved handling and stability. Enthusiasts of the Prius, particularly those keen on maintaining a smooth ride while elevating their vehicle for better clearance and aesthetics, will find these springs a perfect match. “These springs are going on KYB’s and I can’t wait to feel the difference they make!” reflects the excitement around the improved performance and comfort expected from this upgrade. This lift kit not only raises the vehicle for a more aggressive look but also optimizes it for everyday challenges, providing a balance between efficiency and capability.

Front Lift Springs for the Toyota Prius are the next big lift kit for offroad and overland

I am the first to lift a Prius with springs on all four corners!


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