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After talking to many installers some of whom were frustrated during the installation of a lift kit on a prius I decided to write this article

During the installation of a previous lift kit, the passenger sigh passenger Side spindle poses a difficult task for reinstallation without the proper equipment.

Toyota Prius Lift Kit Spring Replacement with a Spring Compressor off-road overland

Some lifting companies who do installations are used to big vehicles; they’re not used to a small vehicles like a Prius.

The common complaint I hear from Prius owners is that there are no companies who will install a lift kit and in my head, it’s probably because of a lack of knowledge or training on how to lift kit works for Toyota Prius. What they don’t realize is the Prius lift kit installation is just like any other vehicle’s left kid installation as long as they are familiar with removing and installing shocks and struts are Springs then this is an easy job that they don’t even have To unplug or touch anything with the high voltage battery. They just need to disconnect the 12 V battery in the back.

I will update this article shortly with additional details.

Lovely aren’t they?


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