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Well, I dived and have purchased a few ECU writer hardware modules and the M20A-FXS motor from a Lexus UX250h.

The Prius comes with a 1.8L motor labeled 2ZR-FXE. When you see a motor name, from what I can tell, the X indicates a Hybrid Gas motor. The Corolla has a 2ZR-FXE motor which is the sibling of the Prius motor. Im planning on testing the WISECO PISTON SET for the TOYOTA 2ZR – with a 12.0:1 compression and STOCK BORE. Eventually, ill have a block bore done and try the +0.5MM, but some work needs to be done to the block… I have the plan, and the companies lined up to do a one-off; just trying to get it mass-produced isn’t hard… need to build a block first after a few other things are finished. There is even a 9.0:1 compression piston set… for boosted vehicles…, so when I’m in the ECU, I should be able to tune the motor to handle a boosted scenario. There is no other way to change the comp ratio on the Prius motor to my knowledge, I could be wrong.

There are a few things that can be swapped, including the camshaft which I also plan on testing. My thought now, get the M20A-FXS working then buy a Prius with blown motor, swap my old motor in after its been built to then test whats all needed to have this built Prius running on stock ECU hardware but with some changes to the software that I’ve made. Stay Tuned…


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