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Elevate your ride with the top-of-the-line Prius Lift Kit, tailored for Toyota Prius owners seeking superior ground clearance and robust performance through our innovative strut topper and spring technology.

Elevate your Toyota Prius to new heights with a specialized “Prius Lift Kit” that incorporates both strut toppers and heavy-duty lifting springs. This kit is designed for Prius owners who aim to significantly increase ground clearance, especially useful for those considering an AWD conversion. The added clearance provided by this kit exceeds the typical 2.0″ and 1.5″ lifts, making it ideal for overcoming more substantial obstacles and rougher terrain. With this setup, the Prius transforms into a more versatile and robust vehicle, capable of tackling a wider range of driving environments while maintaining its eco-friendly efficiencyfor more ground clearance to assist with the AWD conversion, I needed more than what the 2.0″ lift kit or even the 1.5″ lift kit offered.

If you don’t follow my YouTube, you should, especially if you own a Prius! I say that because there is a short video, literally, it’s in the shorts bucket of videos where you see me off-road, doing something clearly a Prius wasn’t made to do. The Jeep owner recording it and the passenger were blown away, deep inside they wished they had a lifted Prius! The extra clearance I have now might have made my bumper make no contact… I’ll find out soon enough..

My prius lift kit with springs and strut topper

But now, the back needs slightly more higher, or do I go a little lower in the front? Not sure yet

My prius lift kit with springs and strut topper

I’m going to go offroad and use go pro to record everything under there to confirm if all is gravy or not. At first sight nothing seemed stressed other than the speed sensor…

My prius lift kit with springs and strut topper

Almost 30″ from ground to fender, I need to go back and see what this was when I had only the lift kit installed.

There’s this guy, he’s been a real tool/jerk/troll to me for a minute, I don’t get those types of people… anyways, he made a big deal about me posting a video showing me drive over a cinder block. Ha, I haven’t posted it because his energy wasn’t right in his approach to me. But now, the front is the tallest it’s ever been my mind thinks it was to do it.

My Prius lift kit with springs and strut topper

Then my mind says, nahhhh…. he knows you can drive over it and that you have the tallest lift in America on your Prius… the ONLY ONE… but for now… I’d love to see every state have 1,000 in lifted Prii!

Oh yeah, you want a set? PRIUSOVERLANDING.COM has them!

Parts List:
2010-2015 Toyota Prius Subframe Drop Spacer Kit – Gen 3 | 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Custom Front & Rear Suspension Springs (should be on PriusOverlanding.com soon)
KYB Shocks and KYB Struts


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