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Having stability and reliability on my mind, it was a no-brainer to go with two MINT Mobile service lines.

In my current setup, one MINT Mobile chip is in the ZTE MF833V USB 4G modem, and the other is in my Inseego M2000 5G mifi device.

Both mobile devices are connected to a 4-port Powered USB hub which is plugged into the USB of my gl-Inet BERYL router.

side note… do not use gl.Inet devices in your vehicle or other if you have a lot of devices connected, I have close to 20… without fail, after so many days, it locks up… The router then plays the role of internet quarterback and begins to balance the internet load between all devices.

I ended up connecting the NetGear Modem to my BERYL and then connecting the two MINT devices via USB to a SLATE which doesn’t do DHCP with all wifi devices connected to the SLATE.

As you can see in the speed test results, MINT Mobile uses the TMOBILE network and is fast!


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