Sunday, April 14, 2024
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I think I figured out how to auto-start my Prius when the battery voltage gets low. Now to see if it will work!

I have a Victron BMW-712 installed to monitor my second 12v battery, the BMW-712 has a generator start feature that is customizable.

BMV-712 in my Overland Toyota Prius
BMV-712 in my Overland Toyota Prius

My though is to connect the BMW-712 generator start/stop to a DynaGen ES52 Auto Start Controller which will be wired into the Toyota Prius power button somehow. The thing is, I might have to leave a key fob in the car for this to function properly… That would mean wiring in a separate door lock/unlock relay and remote controlling the door locks with the key fob in the car.

Stay Tuned for more!

DynaGen ES52 Auto Start Controller
DynaGen ES52 Auto Start Controller

I might be able to use a findmall DSE702K-AS DSE702AS Auto Start Generator Controller which is cheaper than the DynaGen, but I need to do more research.


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