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Well, i’ve used the Lizard almost every day for a month straight trying to perfect the best scanning techniques, well these are my thoughts.

Update: One hour since original publishing and already someone on FB says, “you didn’t put up pictures of your scans”. Now does that tell me the person ran through the article looking at pictures and not reading? I remember thinking, hmm I should say “ill add pictures of the final scans”. Kind of why I post links to my blogs on groups and such, 1. So I don’t have to retype out what I already typed. 2. So folks can find my word on search engines. and 3. So that when people say things like that, I just point them back here… any whooo… here are some of my scans before you even read the article folks! 🙂

one thing I did forget to mention, the time it took to scan the bumper using dry shampoo or powder took significantly longer than using what I use now(you got to scroll and read to find it). Say It took an hour using the other, with this new spray, scan time without loosing tracking… 10mins!

First let me say this! After utilizing different techniques to learn how to use photogrammetry to create three models, I’m glad I did because I now know how to take the best lizard 3D scans.

When I first Started posting online about my some scans with the lizard, various members told me that I do not need tracking dots and that tracking dots did not work with the lizard. I had to let them know they were incorrect.

These are the tracking dots I used. As I write more ill add more pictures of the final scans, for now I just want to get what I use out there.

3d Tracking dots for scanning with creality lizard

Word of advice, the more you use, the better the scan IMO.

When I first started I tried to find dulling spray without success, not sure how I found out about Gold Bond Body Power, but if the choice was between it and dry shampoo, I’d use the gold bond!

But… what I recently found that I have to say has been the best is Aircraft Tool Supply Magnaflux Spotcheck Developer!

Aircraft Tool Supply Magnaflux Spotcheck Developer for the Creality Lizard dulling spray

I need to look it up more I stumbled upon it one day on Amazon and I feel like it has something in it that allows the Lizard to really capture the scan. It also goes on id say, thicker… easier than even the body powder! like… look at this, I’d say in terms of coverage one can of this is equivalent to 2-3 cans of dry shampoo, easily! maybe eve 4-5 now as I think about it. I covered the entire bumper and barely used any.

Aircraft Tool Supply Magnaflux Spotcheck Developer for the Creality Lizard dulling spray

Next, I haven’t tried, literally just ordered on amazon, for the price you get two cans of these for each one of the aircraft stuff, ill update this page one I test it out!


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