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20221009 Update: Well, its like all is maturing as days go on. After some reboots, I have to power off to get the wifi adapter loaded as an AP.

20221003 Update: The wireless isn’t as solid as I would’ve expected, I need time to find and tune it in. If you have one of these, the below config parameters helped my connection.


    option ldpc '0'
    option tx_stbc '0'
    option rx_stbc '0'
    option max_amsdu '0'

20221001 Update: Well, it works, well there are no errors, just says device not active..

This is search from dmesg:

Well.. I wish I can say it works flawlessly, using the kmod-mt7921u driver it loads and I can connect devices… just the raspberry keeps rebooting.

There has been some good reading here


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