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Well, I found myself thinking, more for less… YESS! but that turned into a Nooooo…

2024-01-30 UPDATE: Now I put these on little round magnets so I can reuse them over and over!

So these were the first tracking dots I purchased and I loved them, sturdy, reflective, and didn’t leave any goo.

Oraneyun 6.0 mm Reference Point Markers for 3D scanning

Oraneyun 6.0 mm Reference Point Markers for 3D scanning

Now the next set, pay attention to what they are each on, the material you have to peel it off from.

Revopoint 5.0 mm Reference Point for 3D Scanning (500 Pcs)

What you wouldn’t be able to tell is that the material, in yellow… sometimes you can’t pull the tracker from the material and it’s stuck to the sticky. that and overall, more work is required to remove a dot from this type of sticker paper.

now, look at the collection of pictures, the Oraneyun dots have been on the car for almost a month, and the other… maybe a week!

Now, with them on magnets, they are easy to remove and apply to magnetic surfaces!


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