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These days my ideas of modifications to the Prius just kind of come across as weird to some people.

I wonder what people think when they hear a Toyota Prius sets a new solo non-stop Cannonball record !

When I 1st got wind of the story I don’t know whether I started jumping up and down or I did a big h*** yes very loudly I just don’t know. Either way, when I had similar thoughts, I actually thought that people would think I was crazy but seeing this guy and knowing how crazy he had to have been to put three 32-gallon fuel tanks in his Prius to start out with 107 gallons of gas. I have to meet this gentleman!

Preparing The Toyota Prius For The Cross-Country Run

Doing a proper non-stop Cannonball run is impossible. Jay Roberts points out that certain factors, such as traffic, toll booths, and a few others, will eventually prompt you to stop. A non-stop run is usually one where you do not stop for fuel or can complete the entire run in a single fuel tank. To do that, Roberts equipped his Prius with three 32-gallon fuel tanks, giving him 107 gallons of fuel at the start of his run.

Most people who attempt to do the Cannonball run don’t do it solo. Instead, there are multiple drivers and also multiple devices in the vehicle to help them. For example, there are numerous GPS units, cameras, iPads, CB radios, radar detectors, and whatnot. However, as Roberts says, when doing a solo run, all this becomes a distraction.


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