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Well after two Aisin water pumps went out on my 2013 Prius PHEV Plug-in, I decided to go a different route.

For clarity, they didn’t “go out” after being installed when I drive high speeds 70-80 mph uphill while using Hybrid Assistant I observed the temperatures very high. When driving up steep hills off-road, I would still have to pull over and let the car cool.

When I first found the magnetic motor blade for the Toyota Prius Water Pump, I was skeptical it would work. the only other option is to purchase a new OEM part so before I went that direction I figured it can’t hurt to give this lower-priced option a try.

Toyota Prius Engine Water Pump

In my head, if you have a Prius that hasn’t had a water pump change, buy this so that the day yours does go out, you can quickly fix it for good or, have it as a temp fix before buying an OEM unit. I’m going to try and order another just to keep it in my car.

You can buy your own at PriusOverlanding.com

Toyota Prius Engine Water Pump


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