Sunday, April 21, 2024
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I’d be curious to know your Geekbench results if you are a CReality Lizard CR Studio User.

I don’t have results from when my Razer Blade 15 Advanced had 33GB if ran but after 64GB the system really opened up when using CR Studio.

After upgrading the Razer, the 32 GB went into this touchscreen Dell and look at the differences in performance.

The only issue with CR Studio now is if I try to have too many over 4500 scans, it will crash if I don’t unload some of them.

If we use the Razer as the top and the Inspiron as the floor, I still need to scan with Inspiron but it’s running the CR Studio Light so I can import scans made from multiple CR Studio scanned saved files and have one file… since CR Studio this isn’t allowed with the raw RSCAN file import last I checked.


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