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The VMAX batteries barely lasted for any longevity, both basically went out right at the end of the manufacturer’s warranty.

My advice, buy the extended protection warranty when you purchase on Amazon, these days… anything I purchase to use on my Overlanding Prius I will purchase the additional equipment protection. If I did originally, I wouldn’t have had to buy another air fryer after the handle broke off, the second time around I made sure to buy the protection plan.

That said, I’ve looked through all of the 100aH batteries on the market and their dimension, I went as far as plugging them into 3D builder and comparing them to the VMAX batteries.

For me, the only other option which I am considering is getting an AliExpress 12V battery

in the image below, a Group 24 battery can be observed as being slightly larger than the VMAX and the ALIExpress battery I am considering. The VMAX is a tight fit in the Prius, I had to use a hammer to expand the space slightly.

For $223 dollar and free shipping, this battery might prove to be what I use and recommend for anyone with a Prius!


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