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As an Android guy, finding a SmartWatch with the usability I feel I needed… it’s taken a long time

UPDATE: while it is a great watch for the price and I am keeping it… the NFC the manufacturer is referring to is that there is, basically an NFC tag built into the watch. It cannot read a tag and trigger automation in Home Assistant. But.. I made progress, you can read about Smartwatch NFC Tag Reading and Home Assistant Automation

My last few phones have been Samsung devices for the main and either a Google phone or Motorola as my secondary. Yeah, the work phone, I always asked for an iPhone, it all just made sense. I think the time I finally caved and got a smartwatch, it was so bland… I returned it!

The Garmin activity trackers have always been solid to me, even their app and saving workouts. Spot on for my usage. Just no NFC.. for me, I have hidden tags wherever I frequent to perform various jobs for me specific to that location. Even in my Prius… there are to turn on the air compressor and control the interior and exterior lights so for me, so I didn’t want to take out my phone when I needed the water to turn on to wash my hands.

well. this isn’t even a name-brand smart watch.. and the price was too good to try it. and I’m sold… will give more details later but. I’m shocked!

The best part, it was less than $40 shipped! click here to get yours~

my main usage was the activity and health monitoring, NFC push button for the camera and that was it. there is a slot on the side and it looks like it can handle

I opted for the black steel, its a little snug but I like it, I might start looking now for a replacement or two to keep pon hand as if I have a weekend of beer it won’t fit… makes me thankful for not, and hot yoga because I don’t want that bloat-ware. ha!

Selling Points:

1.AMOLED Display with Idle status
2.HD Bluetooth call (Dial or pick up、can synchronize contacts, call records, display caller name)
3.Personal Data Reviewing for Heart rate, Calories and Steps
4.Support NFC and voice assistant function
5.Support localized UI languages in 24 countries
6.Support IP68 waterproof level
7.The dial market contains many beautiful dials, which can be pushed by the APP. Customize watch faces, place photos. 5 different interface styles, which can be switched at will

Standout Features:
Bluetooth calling, voice control, always-on screen, Alipay offline payment, NFC, password unlocking, female physiological cycle, custom dial, Mass dial download, weather forecast, music control, pedometer, heart rate, sleep, sedentary, mileage, blood oxygen, blood pressure , search, calories, push notifications(Phone, SMS, WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, WhatsAPP, Line, Kakao Talk, others)

Alarm setting, drinking water reminder, gesture intelligent control, do not disturb mode, reminder mode

Chipset Supplier:Realtek
APP :FitCloudPro
FLASH memory:RAM:192KB,ROM:256KB Flash:128M
Display: 1.36inch AMOLED
Resolution: 390*390 HD AMOLED
Touch Panel: Full screen touch
Type:Lithium polymer
Life time:Normal use 5-7 days, standby 30 days. (depends on personal usage after connection )
Charging time :around 2h
Charging method:Magnetic charging cable
Waterproof:IP68 life waterproof
Bluetooth version:BLE5.0
Bluetooth calls: BT3.0
System version:Android above 5.0 or IOS above 9.0


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