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These days, I take cheap or low cost out of my head and I shop with the intent to purchase what I need for the long term…

I also always get the equipment protection plan as I know what I do and where I go the things I buy are put under more stress and usage. They normally would. When I bought my air fryer, I declined the protection. Not because of the fee, I just thought why would I need that I. An air fryer… I dont think a year had gone by and after many super glue attempts, the handle flew into a trash can with the air fryer following behind.

Stay away from non-detachable plugs with an inverter.


To protect your electronics and sanity of knowing the inverter you purchased will have a high probability of powering your devices, BUY A PURE SINE INVERTER ALWAYS!

One thing though, stay away from an inverter with a non-detachable wire going into the back. Why… Because if you buy one with interchangeable cigarette lighter or clamps… Should your Aunt with a CPAP machine use your inverter even though it’s pure sine with the cigarette plug only… You might just blow a fuse as the lighter outlet doesn’t carry as much power to handle the CPAP. So, you switch on the battery clamps and connect directly to the battery then run an extension cord.

An inverter that allows you to directly clamp to the battery will allow for max power usage from the inverter.


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