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Well, at first glance at least it appears the Cudy X6 might be able to accept a USB port add-on.

03/31 UPDATE: cough… these are the… cough cough… serial port… cough cough…

These are the pins I believe for USB and USB3.0 appears to be supported!

I am going to do some digging, but… I believe soldering a USB port to these four terminals plus some added drivers installed… I might be able to add a USB port to the Cudy X6 running Openwrt!

cudy x6 usb port option

If you think I am on to something and this will work, contact me and let me know. Any tips you have would be appreciated, I am hoping for USB 3.0 speed and such from these terminals!

cudy x6 usb port option

update: I found this link with some good images of the main board!


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