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Why I stopped using Valley Spring Works for Prius Lifting Springs

Sure the price was a major contributor and the fact that he wouldn’t ship out on time had me on the hunt for another manufacturer. So now you have Prius Lifting Springs customers unhappy due to delays…

Now if you take out the fact the gentleman’s agreement between us was that all Prius callers would be directed to PriusOverlanding.com, in the beginning, it was grand. It was a few months in, but after him not using the PriusOverlanding.com shipping labels and printing his own, potential customers found out and began calling him directly. Twofold PriusOverlanding.com was sucker punched by customers not wanting to support their efforts and choosing to purchase from the manufacturer, but the manufacturer appeared to intentionally delay shipping orders for PriusOverlanding.com.

The beauty in this, however, is the company we originally wanted to make the springs couldn’t and referred us to the Valley guy. Now their calendar is open for the work to bring the four corner Prius Lifting Springs to market through PriusOverlanding.com

The other sad part is when we all know people who mention the name of another Prius owner as the one who gave them the idea… there is noooo way these owners did not know about this site and the springs, google will show you this site ranks high among Prius search engine keywords… so when I say the pretentious Prius owner, I need to add the word self-centered. Having the energy of knowing you aren’t supporting the one who made it possible, intentionally is bonkers! I hope they don’t sleep well in their Prius EVER and get stuck every time they take their car off the pavement.

What’s even funnier… I started this spring journey back in 2021… the springs were for sale shortly after… the places one Prius owner mentioned that he found out about his springs… while searching… the internet… my links are there at the top of the results.. and there is no way he didn’t know about this site or PriusOverlanding.com selling the Gen 2 Springs. I wrote about them in January 2021, yet his Facebook mentioned screenshot shows in 2022.. now, if you reading do not see that this was deliberate… I don’t know what to say. What did I do sooo horribly that you make no mention of me? see, it’s all the drama that Doctor Prius guy started up… I had to correct him in his use of the word scam and other derogatory words. You can’t just go around, well.. it’s like you can go around saying whatever you want about a person or company and people just believe it… After mentioning his inclusion in the defamation suit I cant find his words online like that anymore.. hmmm knowing good and well, where the specs and ideas came from… like wow buddy, smdh! click here for the link to his video!

I found that Valley Springs manufactured Prius Lifting Springs over time settled a lot more than I wanted. you will lose a good 3″ from the height that you have after installation of their springs over time. When I noticed how much they settled after some really good usage, the testing of another manufactures springs began. the one I wanted in the beginning finally had time on the calendar. initially, it was just Valley, he was all that was left with an open calendar and the process used while wonderful for larger heavier trucks, I found to not be ideal for the Prius. I couldn’t imagine that a large diameter spring for a larger vehicle would react differently than one the size of a Prius based on the manufacturing method. But hey, I’m learning by testing. I just couldn’t imagine them settling this much.

Author: black_jmyntrn

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