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I find this method easier than using a Gaming Laptop like I did when my 3D scanning adventures first started.

Youll needs a wifi hotspot like the M2000 or other, I built a portable Wifi 6 router/Raspberry Pi 4/multi Cellular Modem carLab with 40000mAh in lithium battery(the small ones like what you’d have in a cell phone) so its easy to have wifi with this setup.

With a smartphone or tablet on the same wifi as the mini pc, I use a remote desktop app on the smart device, and thats pretty much all she wrote.

Don’t make my mistake and waste almost a week trying to purchase the proper power extension cable, buy this one and you’ll be good. Also, a high-quality usb extension cable as well! The best part with some zip ties they become one cable. :)

Don’t mind my Lizard…. I asked Creality months ago, maybe a year how to purchase a new cable as I could tell it was wearing out and wouldn’t connect… to this day I haven’t been able to purchase nor have they sent me a warranty replacement!!! That’s about the most negative thing you’ll find me to have said about the company and it kind of sucks… I can now say I understand how a customer can be happy to purchase something and…. never mind… I get it!

GR5 Gaming Mini PC for 3D Scanning with the Lizard

Eventually, I’ll make a battery power bank with a small 250W pure sine inverter to power this all, for now, I use the retractable extension cord I built into my Prius. :)


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