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It took me some time to find the router board suitable for growth, a family member asked what I wanted if I could have something to improve productivity and it was a router board.

Let me set the stage for you.

So you drive around the country and you would like to have a reliable Internet connection so that you can work and just have connectivity the main option that everyone uses these days is starlink.

Yack.. my previous setup without the M2000 showing. I even have four 10000mAh batteries I used with BMS and USB 100W charging

What if I told you for the same price you could have multiple carriers and possibly pay for dinner and a tank of gas while getting better coverage? After reading reviews online I would not have Starlink to be my priority and only network connection in my vehicle.

So now what is a person to do without spending an arm in a leg I tell you 1st get yourself a visible SIM trip and then you get yourself a meant mobile SIM chip you could also possibly get yourself a Red pocket SIM chip as well.

For me, I have a 5G M2000 Hotspot that has a mint chip. The Wi-Fi 6 inside is for my last case scenario if all else fails its WIFI 6, is guaranteed to come up in case one of my WIFI Access Points fails.

The Banana Pi BPI-R3 Wi-Fi 6 OpenSource Wireless Dual-Band OpenWRT Router Board with2.5GbE support was the best choice for now and it can eventually become a main router inside of a non-mobile dwelling such as a warehouse or home. sure there are boards with more model slots and sim chip ports it’s just not with wifi 6 and 2.5GbE and USB port.

Before this, I had a netgear modem crammed in the upper glove box with a raspberry pi 4 load balancing the netgear modem via ethernet and the m2000 via USB. The Wifi internal to the pi 4 would connect to wifi at the house or say McDonald’s and load balance that wifi. Sometimes I would turn the hotspot on my 5G cell phone to load balance wifi as well or you could plug up an iPhone through USB to share the internet of a seperate cellular carrier. Boom! You have multiple carrier coverage all load balanced and spit out as your wifi 6 hotspot!


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