Sunday, April 21, 2024
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For me, those who inspire me or if I use their images, I let it be known…

Like Ultimate Rides and other websites, not writing a review I thought people would mention like athletes and musicians do right?

I guess to say, every time I am interviewed I mention the gentleman who is 6’4″ and his wife who was 5’4″(need to go google it myself to remember his name, heh) but they were the ones who inspired me to drive the country.

That to say, it’s been interesting watching people follow the path I laid out and almost maliciously post everything else but any of my stuff… but, if you search the Prius keywords, you’ll see most of my content. Backtrack the days I posted to the inks they posted where my links are also posted… not bitter it’s just, why try to pawn off someone else’s idea as your own? Some vocal voices out there have even gone as far as persuading Facebook Prius groups to give me the boot… now, it’s almost funny to see then shun me and mirror my build. just a vent while I get the new content to change the game ready!


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