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Toyota Prius Plug-in HV Battery Upgrade to 8.8kWh

Prius Plug-In HV Battery Upgrade from 4.4kWh to 8.8kWh

Well, I am getting closer to my goal of at least 60kWh of usable HV battery in my 2013 PIP.

I think this might be a first actually… these cells will replace the cells in my 2013 Prius Plug-in and fit in the same space as the factory cells just offering me more EV mile range in the end. The 2020 Prius Prime model comes with a 8.8kWh battery and the EV range doubles to ~30 miles compared to the ~15 miles I would get in my 2013 PIP. The 2023 Prime has a 13.6kWh battery and is good for ~44 miles of EV range. For me, I need more capacity to power the massive rear electric motor I am adding!

Toyota Prius Plug-in HV Battery Upgrade to 8.8kWh

With the addition of an AWD conversion that will use an electric motor with over 250hp, I still need more battery capacity to provide me with enough “juice” to hopefully disappoint a Tesla Model 3 RWD in a race from a street light.

From here, I have it on good authority I can use the higher capacity Tesla cells in my PHEV Prius, else if they don’t work I will be acquiring a Toyota bz4x battery and using as many cells as I can that will fit in my factory battery cell holder. I read those batteries are ~70kWh and would be all I need and then some to reach the battery capacity I am after.

For those of you that want to say, “Yeah, but how long will it take you to charge?” my response is “In less than 60 minutes using a fast charger conversion kit I have in the works!

These are new cells and not from a Prius Prime.


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